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521. 58x BIOS update – 24. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... to enter OS. Support Single Core CPU cool&Quiet function under Windows 2000. Set the lowest frequency of Dual Core CPU with Cool&Quiet to 1000MHz. Fixed sometimes CPU Vcore may be abnormal. ...
522. 48x BIOS update – 46. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... Windows XP abnormal issue. EX661 BIOS version 1.05a Beta Add the CPU microcode update to solve Celeron D restart Windows XP abnormal issue. AX3S BIOS version 1.25 To fix the same CPU ...
523. BIOS update - 28. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
...  Options of CPU multiplier and voltage were added in the BIOS setup. P4V88 BIOS verze 1.3 Windows 2000 can be installed on WD400 HDD correctly. K7V88 BIOS verze 1.1 First released. ...
524. BIOS update – 26. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... mode for a few seconds when system is booting to Windows. Under Windows XP or 2K, extract all the files in the zip file into a folder. Run Winflash and system will reboot to Windows again. System ...
525. BIOS update - 19. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... or double sided, running at timing of 10-5-5-5-3. LanParty NFII Ultra B BIOS verze 5.5.2004 To solve the S3 resuming bug. PT800-AL BIOS verze 1.4.2004 To solve the Windows 98 Installation bug. ...
526. BIOS update - 11. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... the problem that the system cannot boot into Windows if The OS is installed in the SATA hard disk when both the SATA and PATA hard disks are present. The PATA hard disk is removed after the OS installation. ...
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