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481. BIOS update - 11. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... BIOS verze 2.3.2004 NT72-SA BIOS verze 2.3.2004 To solve the bug of hanging up at cheking memory upon using FSB133 CPU. P4M266A-MLV BIOS verze 25.2.2004 To prevent the system from shutting down ...
482. BIOS update - 10. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... installed under WinXP. Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at:http://www.asus.com.tw/support/cpusupport/cpusupport.aspx WL-330 BIOS verze 1.12 Fix unstable "reset to default bug" Beta ...
483. BIOS update - 9. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... 13.2.2004 To update CPU Micro code. KM400-MLV BIOS verze 20.2.2004 To solve the installation bug under Windows 98SE when using Seagate HDD with firware in version older than 3.75. Remarks: Hardware ...
484. BIOS update - 8. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... bootup Biostar splash screen Supported Boot Block function. LanParty NFII Ultra PCB revision A+ BIOS verze 07.1.2004 To revise the BLP table. To solve the bug that the system could ...
485. BIOS update - 6. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... with the TSM software Thunder K8S Pro (S2882) BIOS verze 1.01h beta Fixed system hang up when using Adaptec adapter cards Fixed up the Console Redirection bug with SMDC card Sil3114 Option Rom ...
486. BIOS update - 3. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... all end users to update the BIOS to the version 1.3. ** (jak updatovat BIOS) PlatiniX 2E-Pro BIOS verze V1.2SLCP Fixed some bugs. KinetiZ 7B BIOS verze V4.1LCP Fixed some bugs. ...
487. BIOS update - 2. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... to adjust Voltage value to 1.4V for AMD 850Mhz CPU. Fixed Bug: System hang on check point D3h issue. Fixed Bug: Sometimes battery can't charge to 100%. Update VGA BIOS: 1.10.08Z. Note: Add panel ...
488. BIOS update - za Vánoce a Nový rok
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... and 9761. To fix the bug that occasionally hangs up when using P4 2.0G CPU. NFII ULTRA-AL BIOS verze 3.12.2003 (jak updatovat BIOS - WinFlash, Award, AMI) 755-A BIOS verze 1.0d Support ...
489. BIOS update - 50. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... LAN card KM400-MLV BIOS verze 5.12.2003 To exterminate "No Display" bug happened sometimes when using Applebred CPU. To solve the bug that CPU frequency be incorrectly detected sometimes. To ...
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