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Klíčové slovo Trinity

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181. BIOS update – 41. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... Dragon Plus BIOS version ktkp2ba3.exe  (jak updatovat BIOS) X6DAL-G/X6DAL-XG/X6DAL-TG/ X6DAL-XTG BIOS version 6DALA064.exe (jak updatovat BIOS) Beta Trinity GCSL BIOS version ...
182. BIOS update - 29. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
...  X6DHR-8G / X6DHR-iG BIOS verze R1.0 .zip | .exe (jak updatovat BIOS) Trinity i875P BIOS verze 1.11 Fixed Adaptec 39320 Option ROM INIT ERROR issue Support add-on card boot priority ...
183. BIOS update - 19. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... boot without keyboard issue Updated Silicon Image 3114 firmware to v5.0.31 Trinity i875P (S5101) BIOS verze 1.10c beta Support add-on card boot priority select. Calibrated Fan Sensor readings. ...
184. BIOS update - 7. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... Hardware Montior chispet (ADM1027) support Trinity i875P (S5101) BIOS verze 1.04j beta Adjust CPU VID value string Added new CPU Micro Coding Fixed S-ATA HD detection issue when system cold boots ...
185. BIOS update - 6. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
...  Tiger MPX (S2466N) BIOS verze 1.04 Updated CPU Micro Coding for Barton MP CPU's Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS verze 1.10 Fixes Promise/SCSI boot order issue Zdroj / Source: Motherboard ...
186. BIOS update - 4. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... CPU's Trinity i7205 (S2662) BIOS verze 1.07 Reduce some CD/DVD ROM boot up time Add Micro code for CPUID 0F29 processors Fix 4GB display during post issue Update Lan OPROM version Fix the ...
187. BIOS update - za Vánoce a Nový rok
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... BIOS verze c2.5a beta Fixed JDL RAID solutions not able to boot correctly Trinity i875P (S5101) BIOS verze 1.04e beta Updated CPU Micro Code Fixed ACCUSYS ACS-7500 RAID System support issue ...
188. BIOS update - 51. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... DOS | Windows X5 BIOS verze R1.2C DOS | Windows X5DE8-GG BIOS verze R1.3 DOS | Windows X5DEI-GG BIOS verze R1.3 DOS | Windows (jak updatovat BIOS) Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS verze 1.09 Promise ...
189. BIOS update - 50. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... i7505 (S2668) BIOS verze 1.03 Patch D-link can't power down under Win2000 Fixed system hang at update BIOS Tomcat i875PF (S5105) BIOS verze 1.02 Updated DMI information Trinity i7205 (S2662) ...
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