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701. BIOS update - 31. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... AMD Sempron (Thorton core) 2800+ CPU. With DAWICONTROL SCSI card, SCSI CD-ROM has higher booting priority than SCSI HDD. P4i48 BIOS verze 1.5 Seagate SATA HDD should always be detected ...
702. BIOS update - 22. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... Win98SE OS when using Seagate 20G HDD. (jak updatovat BIOS) SK8T800 BIOS version 1.0 FOR VIA 1617A AUDIO CHIPS First Release (jak updatovat BIOS) 865PE Infinity rev.B BIOS ...
703. BIOS update - 20. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... Seagate 160G. Fixed the bug of being unable to detect speed of chassis FAN when using chassis fan with speed below 2500 RPM (Vantec Fan). Fixed the bug that Memtest86 V.1.10 will detect different timing ...
704. BIOS update - 13. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... Biostar splash screen To Resolve Seagate 80G HDD compatibility Issue. U8798 Pro verze 07 To Resolve Samsung DDR266 Memory Compatibility Issue. U8799 BIOS verze 06 To Resolve Samsung ...
705. BIOS update - 9. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... 13.2.2004 To update CPU Micro code. KM400-MLV BIOS verze 20.2.2004 To solve the installation bug under Windows 98SE when using Seagate HDD with firware in version older than 3.75. Remarks: Hardware ...
706. BIOS update - 6. týden
(Download/Firmware a BIOSY)
... updatovat BIOS) P4I848P BIOS verze 1.5SLCP Fixed setup win98se filed when use Seagate 80G HD. AB60N BIOS verze AB60S00U Add IDE DMA transfer mode. XPC SB51G BIOS verze FB51S037 ...
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